Hinterberg- / Herzogstrasse, Zurich-Fluntern | 2004

In the residental house „Hinterberg" 12 transparent and generous appartments are situated in two building volumes with a staircase in between. It's possible to close the fassade with sliding stores to ensure a great view as well as privacy. Balconys alongside every facade give the building a layered structure. The interior Design is depending on the inhabiters wishes.
For the interior expansion harmonic lines with various space and colour moods got suggested.


Hinterberg- / Herzogstrasse, Zurich-Fluntern | 2004

Baugesellschaft Hinterberg, Zürich

Competition / Realisation:
2001 / 2002-2004

12 appartments 140 - 230 m2
unterground  car park

Data Project (SIA):
1‘400 m2 Size of Area,
4‘100 m2 Size of Levels
12‘000 m3 Content of Room

Charges (BKP):
Total: ca. CHF 9‘500‘000.-