Katharina Sulzer Platz, Winterthur | 2004

At the Sulzerareal in Wintherthur, next to Katharina Sulzer Platz,114 attractive city appartements and an industrial and service area of 9'200 m2 where build.
KMP and Göhner Merkur offered a comb-like developement structure, who adopt height and structure of the existing building structure and integrates a part of the current buildings in the new concept. Integrated in the existing crane track and the former foundry are 16 Appartements.
With a clear and high building volume next to the Katharina Sulzer Platz, parallel to the crane track and a cell like structure behind the along-side building the most efficient utilisation is achieved.
In the sixth level the along-side building overtakes the gutter high of the neighbouring buildings but also the formation of the Project Megalou.


Katharina Sulzer Platz, Winterthur | 2004

Winterthur Leben

Competition / Realisation:
1999 / 2002 –2004

Living Units: 15'440m2
Sale / Service: 11'110m2
Two Parklevels: 238 Parkings

Data Project (SIA):
Size of Area: 11'426m2
Size of Levels: 46'720m2
Content of Room:152'420m3
Building Time: 22 Monate

Charges (BKP):
Preparation Work.: CHF 1'840'000.-
Building: CHF 46'260'000.-
Environment: CHF 1'598'000.-